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POLARLIGHT is releasing their 2014 Calendar.
I will be taking orders for this so please read through everything and feel free to ask me questions if it isn’t addressed.


Desk Calendar: Vertical 176 x 250mm / 32page +- / all colour / all unreleased photos

Special Gifts:

For all: DVD (runtime 60mins +-), 16 pages brochure, photo card set, 2 postcards, A2 size poster, stickers

Do note that the special gifts are all subjected to changes


All orders needs to be in by 10th November.
Payment will be afterwards till 14th November.

Scheduled Delivery Period: End November


1 Set: 19$ + 29.9$ shiiping fee
-> 15€ + 22€ shipping fee = 37€

Shipping fee is included. If we get more orders the prices will go down by quite a bit.

And because I'm living in Berlin, I will send you the sets from Berlin so there may be extra fees (either 4,10€ or 6,90€ - depends on the weight) to send it from Berlin to you.

ATTENTION! There may be customs duty (Zollgebühren) which I have to pay after the sets arrive. So there may be costs afterwards. It shouldn't be much though when we have a lot of people.

Of course I'm trying to keep it as little as possible!

PLEASE CONTACT ME UNTIL : 10th November 2013

So that I can split up the shipping fee and announce how much everyone has to pay.

Deposit account:

Paypal : maip_nguyen@hotmail.de

AFTER depositing, send me a mail to : maip_nguyen@hotmail.de
with these information :

Title : Polarlight 2014
Contact Number/ Mail address of your Paypal acc/ Twitter or Contact Mail

Payment needs to be in before the deadline. If your payment fails to reach before the deadline, your order will be cancelled.

For any questions, write a mail or contact me via Twitter (@ChoCo_Mai)!