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Hey :)

Chan10 is releasing their 2014 Calendar.
I will be taking orders for this so please read through everything and feel free to ask me questions if it isn’t addressed.

11 s

CHAN10 2014 Calendar & Slogan ’365! HAPPY DAY!’ Pre-Order

Items Description :

Desk calendar : 160*230mm size / around 30pages / ALL unrevealed photos
Slogan : Suede fabric / 100*20cm / included zipper bag

Gifts Description :

  • S.A.P DVD

  • Fan

  • A3 size poster

  • Electromagnetic waves blocker sticker 2 types

  • Photocard 6 types

  • Postcard 3 types set

  • DVD 1CD including footage of Korea and overseas schedules’ unrevealed video (Running time undecided, different videos from S.A.P)

  • A2 size poster

  • Card case

  • Postcard

  • Photocard

  • Seal

Deposit Period : Till 2013 Nov 18th

Delivery Period : Middle Dec ~ End Dec

Calendar + Slogan Set + Paypal fee + shipping fee

1 Set --> 24$ + 46$ = 70USD = 52€
2 Sets --> 48$ + 64$ = 112 USD = 83€ (41,5€ per person)

Shipping fee is included. If we get more orders the prices will go down by quite a bit.
And because I'm living in Berlin, I will send you the sets from Berlin so there may be extra fees (either 4,10€ or 6,90€ - depends on the weight) to send it from Berlin to you.

ATTENTION! There may be customs duty (Zollgebühren) which I have to pay after the sets arrive. So there may be costs afterwards. It shouldn't be much though when we have a lot of people.

Of course I'm trying to keep it as little as possible!

PLEASE CONTACT ME UNTIL : 14th November 2013

So that I can split up the shipping fee and announce how much everyone has to pay.
Then the money has to be deposit till 18th November 2013.

Deposit account :

Paypal : maip_nguyen@hotmail.de

AFTER depositing, send me a mail to : maip_nguyen@hotmail.de
with these information :

Title : 365! HAPPY DAY 2014
Contact Number/ Mail address of your Paypal acc/ Twitter or Contact Mail

Payment needs to be in before the deadline. If your payment fails to reach before the deadline, your order will be cancelled.

For any questions, write a mail or contact me via Twitter (@ChoCo_Mai)!