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Searching Korean Translators!!

Hey guys! ^^
I'm part of the subbing team Super6stars.
We sub videos of the Korean idol group Supernova/Cho Shin Sung/Cho Shin Sei.
We are in need of Korean translators!!
We only have one translator and that's too much work for one person.
So whoever is interested in translating and spreading more love for Supernova please contact me.

To those who don't know Supernova I will introduce them to you.
Supernova is a South Korean boy band formed under Mnet Media. The 6 members specialized in the areas of singing, dancing, acting etc.

Name : Jung Yoon Hak
Stage Name : Spica Yoon Hak
Birthdate : 2nd December 1984
Position : Leader & Vocalist

Name : Kim Sung Je
Stage Name : Sirius Sung Je
Birthdate : 17th November 1986
Position : Main Vocalist & Main Dancer

Name : Kim Kwang Soo
Stage Name : Becrux Kwang Soo
Birthdate : 22th April 1987
Position : Rapper

Name : Yoon Sung Mo
Stage Name : Vega Sung Mo
Birthdate : 15th June 1987
Position : Lead Vocalist

Name : Song Jihyuk
Stage Name : Acrux Jihyuk
Birthdate : 13th July 1987
Position : Vocalist & Rapper

Name : Park Geon Il
Stage Name : Canopus Geon Il
Birthdate : 5th November 1987
Position : Main Rapper & Lead Dancer

"Supernova" means an explosion of a star emitting luminosity far greater than that of the sun, was chosen from a list of numerous fan contributions.
They debuted on 21th September 2007 with their Single "H.I.T".
It's a powerful song which got much attention.
With their good looks and their talent Supernova won the hearts of the teens and women in ther 20s.
Later they realeased the single "Superstar". 
Supernova were nominated for the Best Male Newface Group & Artist of the Year at MKMF 2007.
2008 they visited Thailand for the 1st time for showcases & other events.
On 14th September 2009 Supernova collabrated with girl group T-ara and released a digital single "T.T.L ( Time To Love)" . But only Geon Il, Jihyuk & Kwang Soo were involved first. Later a remixed version "T.T.L 2" was released on 9th october 2009. Even though the rest of the members don't have an active part in the song they still promoted together. The same was by T-ara.

In September 2009 Supernova made their Debut in Japan with 3 singles :
"Hikari", "Kimi dake wo zutto" & "Superstar Reborn" ( a remake of their Korean version of "Superstar").
On 21th Oct they released their 1st Japanese album named "Hana".

2010 Supernova got another Japanese single "Last Kiss".
Later they also acted in the movie "Kimi ni Love Song wo" (the movie with eng subs you can get at the Ínternational Forum for Supernova fans - link to it at the end of this post) . The title song for the movie was also sing by them, "Magokoro".
After releasing "Magokoro", they released "All About U" right the next day.

As you can see they were more active in Japan than in Korea. But in August they came back with a new Korean single , "On Days that I missed You".
Then their 1st Mini Album named "Time to Shine".

But after being aways for more than 2 years many ppl forgot about them.
many ppl say they never heard about Supernova what makes me feel really sad because these guys are really talented.
It's just that the KPop industry is more "celebrity" oriented than "singer" oriented.
They want ppl who can be entertaining in a funny way like doing gags or something like that but that is not the job of an idol!
Idols have the task to entertain with their voices and their dance or their acting...
I think Supernova is really underrated and has to get more love...because they deserve it!

So please help me to spread more Supernova love!!

More infos you can get at the Stargaze International Forum for Supernova fans.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~!


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Oct. 18th, 2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
so they don't actually have a livejournal community accout right?
Oct. 18th, 2010 03:10 pm (UTC)
the link doesn't work!!!
Oct. 18th, 2010 04:50 pm (UTC)
Yeah they don't have a LJ acc...I'm sorry the link was broken...here is the actually link for the forum...


Are u maybe interested in helping us?
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