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Hey guys. I just found a pic on facebook which made me extremely angry.
The painter(s) said that it was just a joke and that they have nothing against Chinese or Japanese people, but still I think the pic is just...LOW!!

My thoughts on this : no matter what fandom you're belonging to...you don't have the right to make fun of others.
These girls made this pic with the explanation : 'We were bored, so we made this pic. My friend drew the Japanese and I drew the Chinese guy. But we don't have anything against Chinese or Japanese though. :D '

I, myself, am Vietnamese...I love KPop and JPop. And even though I shouldn't be concerned with this. I still can't hold my anger.
These girls are so low that I can't describe it with other words.
Some of you may think that I shouldn't make a big fuss over this little thing but I experiened enough discrimination myself as a Vietnamese whose parents com from North Vietnam. There is a guy in my school, from South Vietnam...and anyone who knows about the war which happened between North & South with the support of Russland and USA will understand what I want to say.
This guy makes fun of me everytime he can.
He tells me how much he hates North Vietnamese people...and how much his family hates them (well also me in this case) too.
He also incites his friends to make fun of me. Well I didn't let it reach me but at some times I was nearly exploding with his stupid comments and all his gorilla friends who are just talking the same.

So how is the pic connected to my story?
Discrimination is the thing connecting us. Many people out there think : 'We're living in the 21th century, so there isn't discrimination anymore. Everyone is accepted by everyone.'

BUT that is sooooo NOT true! Discrimination is everywhere...to any time...
Exactly that, makes me so pissed off.
Like these girls, saying and doing things like this without any other thoughts, just because they are blind infront of their beloved idols...makes me so sick.
They give a shit about the feelings of other people and just care for themselves...

I'm sorry for my long post about something like that. I just wanted to put my anger into words...
Now I'm feeling better :) kinda...

Just want to know what are your thoughts on such a matter?
Do you think I'm overreacting?
Would be nice if I can speak or discuss this with someone. You can have the same opinion or also a totally different.
It is always good to gather as many opinions as possible to see matters in other angles.

So, yoroshiku onegaishimasu~
Mai deshita~


Jun. 4th, 2012 05:28 am (UTC)
Exactly! I know many who are fans of both genres. But there are KPop fans who just don't want to accept that.
They bash the JPop fandom with stupid comments about how Japanese idols are ugly and Koreans so faaaar more handsome etc.
It's like you say!
You need time! KPop fans (not all but many) are blinded by good looks!
Japanese idols have different charms (even though I think THAT they ARE good looking though ;3 )
KPop idols have this aura that they are kinda unreachable...but JPop idols have this natural sides to them. Like friends...like someone you can spent your free time with.
Groups like V6 or Arashi are good examples.
They are lasting so long now as a group. Their friendship is amazing and I love the way there are so carefree in variety shows.
KPop idols mostly have to manage an certain image...well that's not really bad though nut the natural aura is missing...
Jun. 16th, 2012 04:38 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply...
I have the exact same thoughts! :)
I totally agree with you that groups like Arashi, V6 or TOKIO act very natural in their variety shows and you can indeed see that they are close to each other!
By the way, my favorite group is Arashi and I've watched TONS of their variety shows and I never get bored watching them! That's just how charming they are!
What makes me like a group is not especially by their PVs and concerts but more by their appearances in variety shows where I can discover their charming side and know more about their personalities (the japanese groups I named are hosts of them which is even better!).
That's why I appreciate less Kpop idols because they don't appear in lots of variety shows and even if they do, they try to maintain a certain image to not disappoint the fans, but that pressure just makes them look more stiff and less natural (another point that I agree with you!).